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Our Services

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is here to address a wide variety of challenges you might be facing. Your therapist can help you, using evidence based modalities, work towards your therapeutic goals. We treat anxiety, depression, trauma, family of origin issues, stress management, behavioral problems, performance anxiety, pornography addiction, and much more.

50 mins | $140

Couples Therapy

Couples’ therapy can help you address the spectrum of challenges that come naturally with relationships from wanting a deeper connection, to communication challenges, to high conflict, to challenges with sex life and on to betrayal and divorce. We help couples de-escalate unproductive patterns, improve communication, deepen connection and share individual needs.

50 mins | $140

Family Therapy

Family therapy includes at least two members of a family working out a problem. This can include co-parenting, re-unification, communication challenges, behavioral problems, healing broken relationships, and much more.

50 mins | $140

Group Therapy

Group therapy can make the help you need more accessible. We are in the process of starting groups to address a variety of problems. Some of these groups include pornography addiction recovery, general processing, and grief. If you are interested, please contact us.

90-120 mins | $35-$50

Bundle Options

If you are paying out of pocket for therapy services the bill can add up quickly. At White Pine Family Therapy not only do we value providing the highest quality services we also value accessibility. In an effort to be accessible to individuals, couples and families from all walks of life we have put together some options to make therapy more affordable and thus more accessible.

Pay in Advance

When you pay in advance for at least 4 sessions we reduce the cost from $115 per session to $110 per session. That is $100 saved over 4 sessions. Reach out to us for details.

Sliding Scale

We can create a unique per session rate that is customized to your financial situation. Your rate is based on gross annual income and household size. Connect with us for details.

Open Path

Through this collective we provide therapy services at a greatly reduced rate (ranging from $35 – $95 per session). ***There are limited slots available for this option.

Group Therapy

Ask about our group therapy options. They range from $40 to $60 per session. We are building a variety of groups; reach out to see if there is one to fit your needs.

Free Consultation

Online, in-person, or via telephone, this time is designated to get a sense of whether our therapists are a good fit and get some feedback about our approach to your problem.
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